5 Quick Tips For Staying Focused When Working From Home On the Holidays

Working from home during the holiday season can become complicated. So many distractions are available to pull you away from your work. The kids are home from school, the tree needs to be trimmed, none of the cooking has been started, and don’t even remind me about the Christmas shopping, seriously?

How can you posssibly stay productive with your work?

Here are five quick tips.

1. Setup an interruption free zone or find one. Work from a coffee shop, friends home, library, or anywhere distraction free.

2. Watch your diet on work days. Heavy foods can make you sleepy, too much sugar, too hyper, and too much alcohol the prior evening, massive headache follows.

3. Exercise, it improves focus and keeps you healthy, win-win.

4. Keep your schedule real. Don’t over burden yourself or set unrealistic goals over the holidays.

5. Take more frequent breaks, and catch up on some of those to do’s while you are away from your desk.

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