Overcoming the Work at Home Isolation Trap

Get to comfortable and you will spend your days unshowered and unshaven behind locked doors, become too social and no work will get done. How do you choose?

The answer is making a balanced life a priority. Work at home isolation is the greatest blessing and curse a remote worker faces daily. You want to hunker down and knock out that big deliverable, everyone is out of the house, the hours fly by and before you know it the day is over. The flip side is that you have not talked to a living thing except your plants and your dog.

Those at greatest risk of isolation are remote workers completing tasks that require little human interaction.

If this is you, take the following steps to overcome work at home isolation;

  1. Schedule your work into one to two-hour segments. This will have the adding benefit of boosting your productivity. Between segments, complete an activity that requires interaction with another human being. Go for coffee or lunch with a friend. Go to the gym. Make a couple of phone calls or emails. Face to face is better if possible.
  2. Get ready for work in the morning. I know, this sounds ridiculous, but starting the morning with a shower and shave, and getting dressed up beyond pajamas or sweats will give you a more professional inward view, which will reflect outwardly. You will also be better prepared to take advantage of face to face social opportunities on short notice.
  3. Occasionally schedule some work together time with other friends or colleagues or friends who work remotely. Make it fun and tie it to a weekly or monthly lunch or beers after the work has been completed.

It is important to stay connected, social skills are like any other skill and will deteriorate if underutilized.

We welcome your feedback and would love to hear you comments and personal experience with this topic.

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4 Responses to Overcoming the Work at Home Isolation Trap

  1. ssnraju says:

    Very good tips for home base workers.

  2. roza0480 says:

    Great article! We also got an article about Remote workers on our Project blog: http://blog.projectplace.com/projectblog/2011/12/05/using-social-media-tools-to-improve-communication-for-remote-workers/

    Kind regards,
    Roza at Projectplace

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