Interview Questions for Hiring a Remote Worker

If Remote Workers Had To Pick One Skill, Focus On The Interview Process

As a Remote worker it is absolutely critical that you ace the interview. In many cases employers set the bar higher for remote workers because they are not on site, and thus a higher level of trust is required.

Because a relationship between the remote worker and employer does not already exist, the interview is your one and maybe only chance to develop a relationship and trust.

Before going any further, take a few minutes review two prior articles I wrote on mastering the remote worker interview;

Three new questions

Time to expand our earlier work on remote worker interviews with advice from CBS News, Dave Johnson’s article has an additional three questions to prepare for,

What has been your experience working on a remote team?

What technology did you use in the past when working remotely?

What concerns or challenges did you encounter that you’d like to avoid this time around?

For more great advice on becoming prepared for remote work, browse through our Archives.

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The Most Important Remote Worker Trait – Hint: It’s Not What You Think

remote worker traitWhat is the MOST important Remote Worker trait? 

Did you guess independence? Nope.  How about self motivation? Important, but still not it. Communication skills? Critical but still not there yet.

The most important remote worker trait is perseverance.

Huh? What does perseverance have to do with working remotely?

Perseverance is by far the most important remote worker trait, and in my humble opinion, the most important life trait for anyone in any situation.

Why is perseverance so critical?

Because finding a real remote job and not getting scammed, finding consistent freelance and contract work, and starting a remote business are difficult. Yes, you read correctly, they can be really damn difficult.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.

You will encounter many roadblocks on an almost non-stop basis. Your laptop will break, your internet connection will get cut at the worst time, business won’t materialize when you really need it, you moron boss is completely opposed to even five minutes of remote work.

Move on, get over it and persevere.

Can you see why perseverance is so important? because perseverance gets you through the challenges and forces you to find a way through, over, under, or around any obstacle preventing you from achieving your goal and dream of a location independent lifestyle.

So get out there and push through the challenges.

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Remote Work for Introverts – Freedom Without Isolation

remote work for introvertsCan introverts Enjoy the freedom of working remotely without the isolation?

Without a doubt the biggest challenge for remote workers is combating isolation and its close relative, loneliness.

For introverts, this is “the” challenge.

By their nature, introverts have a tendency to avoid social situations. Why? Because they may be shy by nature, have some form of social anxiety, or maybe they didn’t get enough hugs as a child, I have no idea why. The important fact is that this is a challenge they need to overcome.

Introverts can successfully combat isolation and loneliness

Yes, it’s absolutely possible for introverts to overcome isolation and loneliness. The key is staying connected, using technology and the old-fashioned way, spending time with people.

Our top tips for introverts to avoid isolation when working remotely

1. Work around other people.

Working around other people will help you to become more social.  You don’t have to spend every minute socializing, or surrounded by crowds of people. Once a day, work out of a coffee shop or bookstore. This will keep social opportunities open. For success to find you, you need to show up.

2. Take breaks to meet with friends or colleagues.

An occasional lunch out or drinks after work will go a long way. Keeping connected to friends and colleagues also has several health benefits.

3. Keep in touch with colleagues via video-conference in addition to email and telephone. 

Society is becoming more connected and more isolated.  Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instant Messaging keep information and gossip flowing, but they don’t replace in person communication.

Meeting face to face can not be replaced with technology, but video-conferencing is a close second place. Try using video conferencing more often,

Still need more tips?

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Where Are The Male Remote Workers Hiding? Why Women Have Better Intuition About The Future of Work

Where Did The Men Go?

According to a Web Worker Daily article, “Women dominate offline independent work too”,

“Zinnov reported that 55 percent of online freelancers are women. MBO Partners says a similar percentage (53 percent) of all American independent workers are also women, which amounts to 8.5 million women across the country working on their own. Compare that to women’s 47.6 percent participation rate in the traditional workforce”

The study then discusses the underlying causes of the difference between men and women in remote work,

Several experts and female independent work veterans have speculated that the greater flexibility of independent work might be more suited to the desires of women and take advantage of their ability to weave together communities of collaborators and their generally lower attraction to high-status, long-hours,  battle-up-the-ladder-type career paths.”

So to sum it up, the article is delicately stating that women are more attracted to remote work because they are less ambitious. I completely disagree, the opposite is true.

Women are actually exhibiting more insight and vision than men with remote work trends.

The traditional work sixty hours and climb the ladder mentality is going to go extinct. Women are recognizing more quickly than men that Work 3.0 and Work 4.0 are changing the landscape.

You can have your cake and eat it too. What better way to exhibit your ambition and drive than to get rid of your suits, startup your own lifestyle focused business, and have the money and freedom, plus a real sense of security, unlike the false security that your safe corporate job is going to last forever, yeah, right 🙂

Men need to wise up and take advantage of this trend.

An exemplary example of two men who run a successful growing location independent business and realize their goals and ambitions are Dan and Ian at The Lifestyle Business Podcast.  Take a few minutes to sign up for their free podcast and check them out.

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Remote Work Boosts Productivity

Does working remotely really boost your productivity? Are the gains sustainable? Does it apply in every situation?

According to an article posted on Web Worker Daily, “Remote work boosts productivity? Only for creative tasks, says new research“, the gains are greater for creative work.

According to the study,

“Researchers assigned two tasks to 125 participants. The first was rote and repetitive; the other involved coming up with as many unusual uses for ordinary objects as possible, a test often used by psychologists to measure creativity. About half the participants did the tasks in a supervised lab, the other half remotely.

On the uncreative tasks, people were 6 percent to 10 percent less productive outside the lab. The fall-off was steepest among the least productive third of workers. (People who reported procrastinating on their homework were also, unsurprisingly, poor telecommuters—as were men.) On the creative tasks, by contrast, people were 11 percent to 20 percent more productive outside the lab.”

There are at least two problems with this study.

  1. It has a small sample size, only 125 participants
  2. The selection criteria of participants is likely random as opposed to a deliberate sample individuals who really work remotely.

Remote work always boosts productivity by its nature, because of the distractions that are removed (i.e. noise in your office workspace) and because of the overhead of working in an office is removed (i.e  commuting time and stress).

Anyone can work remotely successfully, but not everyone is ready to work remotely successfully.  Unsuccessful people have bad habits that will take precedent regardless of where they work, they will be equally unsuccessful in an office.

Before working remotely, develop the successful habits of remote workers first.

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