Remote Worker Daily Is Back – What I Learned During My 22.5 Week Break

Happy Holiday Season to all of my readers, I missed you.

I needed a break, a vacation of sorts to clear my mind and start again fresh with Remote Worker Daily. My goal is to serve you better in 2013 with high quality, timely, valuable content that improves your life as a Remote Worker, but more about that in my next post.

During my 22.5 week writing break, here are the top lessons I learned:

1. I wasn’t ready for 100% remote work 22.5 weeks ago, but now I am.

I regularly started started working 3 days per week remotely back in August, it was a wonderful shift for all the reasons I discuss throughout Remote Worker Daily, but it was enough, I wasn’t ready for 5 days a week.

Lesson: I needed an adjustment period to the extra time at home and the social and emotional separation from an office and work colleagues. Habits take time to change. Now I am fully adjusted and ready for more. 2013 goal is 5 days per week.

2. A job is still a job.

I was expecting that working remotely more frequently would satisfy my inner entrepreneur. Wrong!

Lesson: Working for someone else is still a job, just a job with great fringe benefits when done remotely. 2013 goal is my own venture, for real this time, no more ‘wantrepreneur’.

3. Get rid of all the devices and simplify.

Over time my wife and I have accumulated several of the following; mobile phones, iPads, and laptops. I look like a mobile Best Buy when I travel. In disgust with the physical anchor that technology has become I gave away my laptop.

Lesson: Simplify. 2013 goal is to accomplish all business and entertainment needs with 1 iPhone and 1 iPad.

4. Avoid the mainstream news, all television and most movies. The sky is not falling, the world is not ending, the western world is not in decline, and opportunity has not dried up. This year I made more money than ever before in my life.

Lesson: What grows in your mind and your life directly correlated to the seeds you plant and the food and water you feed them daily. 2013 goal is no television or mainstream news.

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