Interview Questions for Hiring a Remote Worker

If Remote Workers Had To Pick One Skill, Focus On The Interview Process

As a Remote worker it is absolutely critical that you ace the interview. In many cases employers set the bar higher for remote workers because they are not on site, and thus a higher level of trust is required.

Because a relationship between the remote worker and employer does not already exist, the interview is your one and maybe only chance to develop a relationship and trust.

Before going any further, take a few minutes review two prior articles I wrote on mastering the remote worker interview;

Three new questions

Time to expand our earlier work on remote worker interviews with advice from CBS News, Dave Johnson’s article has an additional three questions to prepare for,

What has been your experience working on a remote team?

What technology did you use in the past when working remotely?

What concerns or challenges did you encounter that you’d like to avoid this time around?

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