The Most Important Remote Worker Trait – Hint: It’s Not What You Think

remote worker traitWhat is the MOST important Remote Worker trait? 

Did you guess independence? Nope.  How about self motivation? Important, but still not it. Communication skills? Critical but still not there yet.

The most important remote worker trait is perseverance.

Huh? What does perseverance have to do with working remotely?

Perseverance is by far the most important remote worker trait, and in my humble opinion, the most important life trait for anyone in any situation.

Why is perseverance so critical?

Because finding a real remote job and not getting scammed, finding consistent freelance and contract work, and starting a remote business are difficult. Yes, you read correctly, they can be really damn difficult.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.

You will encounter many roadblocks on an almost non-stop basis. Your laptop will break, your internet connection will get cut at the worst time, business won’t materialize when you really need it, you moron boss is completely opposed to even five minutes of remote work.

Move on, get over it and persevere.

Can you see why perseverance is so important? because perseverance gets you through the challenges and forces you to find a way through, over, under, or around any obstacle preventing you from achieving your goal and dream of a location independent lifestyle.

So get out there and push through the challenges.

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