Remote Work for Introverts – Freedom Without Isolation

remote work for introvertsCan introverts Enjoy the freedom of working remotely without the isolation?

Without a doubt the biggest challenge for remote workers is combating isolation and its close relative, loneliness.

For introverts, this is “the” challenge.

By their nature, introverts have a tendency to avoid social situations. Why? Because they may be shy by nature, have some form of social anxiety, or maybe they didn’t get enough hugs as a child, I have no idea why. The important fact is that this is a challenge they need to overcome.

Introverts can successfully combat isolation and loneliness

Yes, it’s absolutely possible for introverts to overcome isolation and loneliness. The key is staying connected, using technology and the old-fashioned way, spending time with people.

Our top tips for introverts to avoid isolation when working remotely

1. Work around other people.

Working around other people will help you to become more social.  You don’t have to spend every minute socializing, or surrounded by crowds of people. Once a day, work out of a coffee shop or bookstore. This will keep social opportunities open. For success to find you, you need to show up.

2. Take breaks to meet with friends or colleagues.

An occasional lunch out or drinks after work will go a long way. Keeping connected to friends and colleagues also has several health benefits.

3. Keep in touch with colleagues via video-conference in addition to email and telephone. 

Society is becoming more connected and more isolated.  Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instant Messaging keep information and gossip flowing, but they don’t replace in person communication.

Meeting face to face can not be replaced with technology, but video-conferencing is a close second place. Try using video conferencing more often,

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