Where Are The Male Remote Workers Hiding? Why Women Have Better Intuition About The Future of Work

Where Did The Men Go?

According to a Web Worker Daily article, “Women dominate offline independent work too”,

“Zinnov reported that 55 percent of online freelancers are women. MBO Partners says a similar percentage (53 percent) of all American independent workers are also women, which amounts to 8.5 million women across the country working on their own. Compare that to women’s 47.6 percent participation rate in the traditional workforce”

The study then discusses the underlying causes of the difference between men and women in remote work,

Several experts and female independent work veterans have speculated that the greater flexibility of independent work might be more suited to the desires of women and take advantage of their ability to weave together communities of collaborators and their generally lower attraction to high-status, long-hours,  battle-up-the-ladder-type career paths.”

So to sum it up, the article is delicately stating that women are more attracted to remote work because they are less ambitious. I completely disagree, the opposite is true.

Women are actually exhibiting more insight and vision than men with remote work trends.

The traditional work sixty hours and climb the ladder mentality is going to go extinct. Women are recognizing more quickly than men that Work 3.0 and Work 4.0 are changing the landscape.

You can have your cake and eat it too. What better way to exhibit your ambition and drive than to get rid of your suits, startup your own lifestyle focused business, and have the money and freedom, plus a real sense of security, unlike the false security that your safe corporate job is going to last forever, yeah, right 🙂

Men need to wise up and take advantage of this trend.

An exemplary example of two men who run a successful growing location independent business and realize their goals and ambitions are Dan and Ian at The Lifestyle Business Podcast.  Take a few minutes to sign up for their free podcast and check them out.

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