Start a Remote Business With Oursourced Remote Workers and Run It From Your Favorite Beach

start a remote businessIt’s your dream, its desired by millions, but is it possible?

Can you really start a remote business and operate it from anywhere?

Can you delegate all the tasks and efforts to outsourced remote workers?

Can you bake on your favorite beach while the money rolls in?

YES, YES, and YES.  It is possible.

Is it easy? No. But it is possible for anyone.

Tim Ferriss did it and documented it in the Four Hour Work Week. He took it a step further by laying out a plan for anyone to do it. Chris Guillebeau did it all over the world and teaches you how you can do it in The Art Of Non Conformity.

Others have done it and new people do it every day.

Now its time for you to start a remote business and thrive. Lets get started.

What Is a Remote Business?

My definition of a Remote Business is a business that is completely location independent and can be staffed and operated from any location with an internet and telephone access using outsourced remote workers to perform all functions of the business.

There has never been a better time in history to start a business, especially a remote business with outsourced remote workers. With an internet connection, laptop, and a telephone, you can start and operate a business from anywhere with little or no money. This is already becoming predominant with Work 3.0

The playing field has been levelled, and even tilted in the favor of new entrepreneurs, because you can start without the overhead and capital requirements of existing businesses and outsource everything.

You can start a internet store and complete with WalMart or Target without the buildings and employees.

You can start a consulting business and compete with Deloitte or Bain without the expensive offices and layers of partners and managers.

Online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon provide the infrastructure for you.  WordPress and a little ingenuity can build a better designed and trafficked site than a business a hundred or even a thousand times larger.

The world has changed in your favor.

Why Start a Remote Business?

If you want to work from your favorite beach, or live and work from anywhere, you need location independence.  It also allows you to leverage lower living costs and lower business costs, so you can complete more effectively.

The other reality is that most of us work to live and not live to work, so why not free up your time to pursue your passions and expand your life?

If that’s not enough, the emerging world of Work 4.0 will force you into this model whether you like it or not. Better to get started ahead of the program.

What Type of Business Should I Start?

There are as many business models and ideas that fit the remote business model as there are people.  Unless you choose a business that requires a physical presence like a hospital, restaurant, or construction company, you can create it as a remote business. And I would argue that even these businesses have remote business opportunities.

Although my recommendation is a services business for several reasons;

  • The services sector of the economy is the largest and fastest growing.
  • Low start-up costs.
  • Scalability.
  • Large markets.
  • Large labor pool.
  • Limitless business ideas.

What Are Outsourced Remote Workers?

Outsourced remote workers are remote workers that are not direct employees.

Outsourced remote workers could be hired through a staffing agency, brought on as a freelancer, contracted as a sub-contractor or corp to corp relationship.

They can be brought in on an hourly or project basis.

Why Use Outsourced Remote Workers?

Using outsourced remote workers in your remote business has several advantages;

  • A broad labor pool (potentially worldwide) to select the best talent from.
  • Lower labor costs.
  • Flexible staffing to meet remote business staffing needs as they expand or contract.
  • Avoid the cost, risk, and problems that come with hiring workers directly.

How Do I Find Outsourced Remote Workers?

You can find outsourced remote workers through staffing agencies, freelance websites, through your professional network, as a business to business relationship.

The best way is through a reference from a friend, associate or customer.

How Do I Remove Myself From the Business

Once you have selected and started your remote business, then staffed your remote business, you can build your business by designing and documenting processes that cover all aspects of your business from marketing to customer service, then scaling your business by bringing in outsourced remote workers and teaching them these processes.

Next Steps:

1. Decide to start a remote business.

2. Select an idea and just start.

3. Adjust and pivot as you go.

Good luck, now get out there and change the world.

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