Is Working Remotely Still Right For You?

Yes, working remotely is still right for you

Mashable Business posted an article today titled “Working Remotely: Is It Right For You?“. (Note: at Remote Worker Daily, we believe the answer is always a gigantic YES).

This article essentially asks you to base what will be the best decision of your life on four questions.  Don’t listen, this is garbage.  Everyone who can work remotely should.

See the four questions and my reason under each question as to why it is nonsense and should be ignored.

1. Do I Have the discipline?

What a dumb question, of course you have the discipline.  If you have the discipline to get and keep a service based job, you can and will have the discipline to work even more effectively remotely.

2. Do I have the motivation?

Seriously, unless you enjoy traffic, gray walls, crappy coffee and constant distractions and interruptions, you have the motivation.  If that isn’t enough, just add in your health, your company profitability and the environment to boot.

3. Do I have the space?

Unless you are 400 pounds working in s specially retrofitted cubicle, you have the space. For goodness sake, all you need is a laptop and a mobile phone.  The world opens up for you, you can work at home, at a coffee shop, or any number of limitless places.

4. Do I have the personality type?

Unless you are a moron who sleeps under your desk at work, a big Yes.

To the authors credit, there are a couple of statistics worth sharing.

More than 34 million Americans work at home at least occasionally, according to the research firm Forrester. By 2016, that number is expected to hit 63 million, at which point virtual workers will comprise 43% of the workforce, nearly doubling today’s count.

Hopefully someday soon it hits 80%.  Go forth and remote work and prosper.

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