Remote Worker Inspiration – The Remote Worker Daily Top 3 Real Remote Workers That Inspire

remote worker inspirationTalk is cheap.

Show me the Remote Workers who are walking the walk and talking the talk.

Today we have three incredible stories of Remote Worker success for your inspiration. 

Today, Remote Worker Daily is giving a brief background on three Remote Workers who successfully forged three different paths that enable them to work when, where, how, and on whatever they choose.

Without further delay….

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Let’s introduce them…

Thanks to each of the three people profiled on Remote Worker Daily today, thanks to you for forging a path ahead of us, you provide inspiration to thousands of people.

Remote Worker Daily follows the work of each of the Top Three Remote Workers That Inspire. In their profiles below we have provided links to their blogs.

1. Pat FlynnSmart Passive Income

After a surprise layoff from a position as a Job Captain in an Architectural firm in California, Pat grew from a single exam preparation site focused on a small niche (how to pass an architecture related certification exam) to a passive income empire.

In a short time Pat has created on the multiple streams of passive income that bring in tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Even more impressive than the income stream is how Pat freely shares his wisdom and experience with his growing audience.

2. Corbett BarrThink Traffic and Expert Enough

Corbett left a high paying, high stress, high travel Fortune 500 technology consulting career to lead a venture-backed startup. Next he started two very successful blogs under the umbrella of his own media company, Insanely Useful Media.

Corbett has created an extensive network of fellow bloggers by adding an insane amount of value.

Corbet lives half of the year in San Francisco and the other half in Mexico, a textbook example of the Remote Worker Lifestyle we strive toward.

Full Disclosure: (I belong to Corbett’s affiliate program)

3. Jaime TardyEventual Millionaire

Jaime knew she was destined to be a millionaire from an early age.  Keeping true to her dream, she paid off $70,000 in debt in one year and struck out on her own as a Business Coach and the driving force behind Eventual Millionaire.

Check out Jaime’s inspirational and practical action oriented interviews with real millionaires on her website or podcast.

Go check out Pat, Corbett and Jaime and get inspired, the Remote Worker lifestyle is really within your reach.

Todays Action Item:

What is your motivation to work remotely? Spend a half hour thinking about it and write down your reason.

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