Remote Work 3.0 Will Impact Your Life – 4 Take Aways For Remote Workers and Telecommuters

It struck me like a bolt of lightning, because it is so obvious. Work 3.0 changes everything.

I read Gary Swarts article, “Work 3.0: How The Employment Model Needs to Change” and it struck me like a bolt of lighting, remote workers already live on the edge on Work 3.0

First, I recommend you read the article, as it relates to every knowledge / creative worker, and especially remote workers.

Quite frankly, it has some impact on every human alive today forward.

Second, here are what remote worker daily considers the top 4 take aways.

1. Current measurements of unemployment and labor participation are wrong wrong wrong. 

The economy is growing again, online work is growing 70% per year, and unemployment is near record highs while labor participation is at record lows.

Whats wrong with this picture? It’s simply wrong. 

The new jobs are Work 3.0 jobs and are usually, online, skilled, freelance or contract, and remote.

2. You are a free agent whether you like it or not.

We are moving back to the world that predominated most of human history where everyone was an artisan.

The free agent model is back. The corporate company man is going extinct and we will all be free agent freelancers and contractors in the future.

Be prepared to take advantage of it.

3.  The rewards will be huge and benefits will accrue to the skilled, savvy, entrepreneurial, and educated.

We are moving toward a class based society again.  Instead of the 1% versus the 99%, I believe it will be more like the 20% versus the 80%.

If you do not have the skills to take advantage of this new online artisan world, you better start now.

As a free agent, you should start a business to take advantage of the tax breaks and other potential benefits. If you are an employee, move to a contractor or freelance position now.

Unskilled labor, while always in demand, will have earnings and benefits further polarized from the artisan and entrepreneurial class. Our government, education system, and society needs to catch up.

We should be teaching todays children the only skills that counts, the ability to self learn and problem solving. The days of memorizing facts and figures are over.

4. Location will be irrelevant.

Online work has no borders, period. In the new artisan world, people will move to lost cost locales around the world or the locales with the best quality of life. Borders will continue to disappear.

This is already happening, there is an exodus of skilled immigrant workers leaving the United States to return to their home countries, especially, India, China and South America.  They wisely realized they can earn U.S. dollars, and live in pesos. Win-win.

The United States will benefit the most from this trend through increased access too markets and better foreign relations, no one goes to war with each other when they are too busy making money.

This is an exciting time to be alive, there has never been more opportunity.

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