9 Ways To Find Remote Work That Work – Take Action

Why are you still working in a cubicle all week? Because you have not taken action to find remote work.

You need to take action, I repeat, take action, because nothing will happen without action.

One ounce of action is worth ten pounds of planning, a hundred pounds of dreaming and a thousand pounds of wishful thinking.

What kind of action gets results, results being a remote job or other way to work remotely on your own terms?

Here are 9 actions you can take today that get real results for real people.

1. Ask your employer. for a flexible work arrangement. It seems obvious, but most people don’t take action.  Start with a day a week and work up from there. Prove yourself.

2.Work your network.  I know this sounds cliché but it is true.  Talk to friends, family and acquaintances. Let them know exactly what you are looking for and ask if they can help.

3. Use your social networks and post what you are looking for.  Yes, believe it or not, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook have more value that cute videos of your cat chasing your German Shepard out of the house.

4. Change employers. Some employers are not open to remote work and never will be.

5. Change careers.  Some jobs are not suited to remote work and never will be.  Maybe its time to change to a career that is common for remote work.  For example, Programming jobs, Copywriting and Freelancing.

6. Change your living costs.  Sometimes you need to start at the bottom and work up.  Keeping your living costs low by moving to a cheaper location or cutting expenses gives you more remote work options.  But it’s always better to make more money 🙂

7. Start a business.  If you really want flexibility you need to start and grow a business. Don’t just start any business, because you want a business that does not tie you to a physical location.

8. Be unique.  Try something different, create a unique web site pitching your skills or record a video and post it on YouTube.  Go to conferences and meetups.  Get out there.

9. Have a can-do action oriented attitude.  This can be your biggest asset.  It’s true that attitude is everything, if followed up with action.

Todays Action Item:

Todays action is to take action by following at least one of the nine ways.

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