Who Benefits More From Remote Work – Men Or Women? – The Surprising Answer

who benefits more from remote workWho benefits more from remote work? Of course everyone benefits, but one sex benefits more than the other.  Who is it, men or women? Why does one sex benefit more from remote work?

More importantly, why does it matter?

Surprise, the answer is….

Before we reveal the secret, lets talk about the background first, then we can get to the answer you can’t wait to get 🙂

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What are the benefits of remote work?

First we need to define the benefits of remote work.

We have talked about this extensively throughout Remote Worker Daily in different articles, but let’s do a quick recap for the uninitiated.

I’ll only list the top five benefits, there are literally hundreds of remote work benefits, but we will save the rest for another day.

  1. Time savings – for example, think commuting time, getting ready for work, getting settled into your office. These all take time and that time adds up quickly.
  2. Unnecessary employer and employee costs – gasoline, car maintenance, and tolls are all rising. What about office rent, furniture and equipment that your employer pays for?
  3. Environmental benefits – where does all that air pollution and smog from commuting go? Into the air we breathe of course.  Same with the pollution created by constructing, lighting, heating, and cooling the billions of square feet of redundant office space.
  4. Employer and Employee Recruitment benefits – if your staff is remote you have a greater selection of potential employees to choose from, your employees can also choose to live in a less congested and / or lower cost locale.  Sounds like a win-win to me.
  5. Increased productivity and job and life satisfaction – yes, you did hear me correctly, not only are remote employees more effective, they are happier and healthier as well.

OK, I think we can all agree that remote work is beneficial for all parties involved, regardless of their sex.

So who benefits more and why?

Drum roll please…..

The answer is women.  I realize this is somewhat of a generalization, and of course it does not apply to all women or men for that matter, so please don’t shoot the messenger just yet. 🙂

The research says…

Also, don’t just take my word for it, see the research. According to the “Men and Work-Life Integration – A Global Study” completed by World at Work, women benefit more from work-life balance programs, and thus I have inferred that women therefore benefit more from remote work.

According to the study, men take less advantage of, and perceive themselves to benefit less from, and correspondingly provide less support for work-life programs,

Twenty years later, it is unclear whether men have achieved the full benefit of a workplace that embraces work-life integration. Men still perceive work-life programs as primarily serving the needs of women, and most use work-life options at lower rates than women.

I recommend reading the full report to understand the greater context, the findings are recent.

The bottom line.

As a society we still have a lot of work to do in perceptions surrounding remote work and its role in our lives. The benefits of remote work favor the employer, employees, and society at large.

What can you do?

Lobby your government officials to legislate remote work as a benefit to all applicable workers. You can also help by joining the Remote Worker Daily community and contributing your thoughts in the comment section.

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