Are People Who Work At Home More Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise?

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” -Benjamin Franklin

people who work at homeAre people who work at home more successful than the rest of us? They better be, because they have so many advantages over everyone else who has to drag their butt into an office every day.

Think about it for a minute, who has the better overall quality of life?

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1. The worker who saves an hour or more of daily commuting, works in comfortable clothing, eats healthier food, has lower overall stress and higher job satisfaction, and works more productive hours, thus a happier employer. All because they are measured on results and given a reasonable measure of freedom and flexibility.


2. Their tired, rushed, stressed out, unhealthy peer who spends half the day pretending to work while they gossip at the water cooler or “look busy” while reading news on the internet.

I think the answer is self-evident, people who work at home have every reason to be more healthy, wealthy and wise.

And that’s not even counting all the other benefits to society at large;

1. Less traffic congestion and air pollution.

2. Lower overhead costs for employers.

3. Less absenteeism and turnover.

4. Higher life satisfaction.

5. A wider talent pool to select from.

And that is just five benefits from hundreds.  So not only are people who work at home better off, the benefits spill over to the rest of society.

So what does the research say?

According the a Microsoft survey, “2010 U.S. Remote Working Research Summary National Survey Findings”;

72% of those surveyed prefer very much to work away from the office and 71% ranked themselves as more productive when working away from the office.

According to a Stanford University study, “DOES WORKING FROM HOME WORK?EVIDENCE FROM A CORPORATE EXPERIMENT”, released January 2012;

We find a 12% increase in performance from home-working, of which 8.5% is from working more minutes of per shift (fewer breaks and sick-days) and 3.5% from higher performance per minute (quieter working environment). We find no negative spillovers onto workers left in the office. Home workers also reported substantially higher work satisfaction and psychological attitude scores, and their job attrition rates fell by 50%.

According to Culture RX, people who work at home in a results only work place;

Companies embracing a Results-Only Work Environment enjoy staggering increases in engagement. ROWE teams report an average increase of 35% in productivity by eliminating waste from systems and processes, which increases employee capacity. ROWE teams also experience up to a 90% decrease in voluntary turnover rates. That’s an astonishing number, especially when you consider all the time and costs related to turnover, e.g. administrative time, vacancy costs, recruiting and advertising, selection and interviewing, training and on‐boarding, etc.

I am confident in concluding that people who work at home are better off and society is better off.  What are businesses waiting for? It’s time to make work at home the rule and not the exception.

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