Telecommuting Benefits – 45 Reasons To Work Remotely

“A true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success.” -Cullen Hightower

telecommuting benefitsWhat are telecommuting benefits?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive from readers of Remote Worker Daily.  Today I will attempt to answer this grand question, not with a witty story or clever analogy, but 45 reasons to work remotely, in no particular order, since ranking will vary depending on the reader.

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45 Telecommuting Benefits

1. Save time on commuting.

2. Eliminate the cost of commuting.

3. Live car free or with less mileage, wear and tear.

4. Reduce air and noise pollution.

5. Reduce traffic congestion.

6. Reduce foreign energy dependence.

7. Reduced stress.

8. Improved health.

9. Increased work productivity,

10. Higher job satisfaction.

11. Be a trend setter.

12. Provide easier work access to the disabled.

13. Learn time management.

14. Become self motivated and self-directed.

15. Free time up for non-work activities.

16. Extend vacation time.

17. Travel and work.

18 Live in a cheaper location.

19. Live in a different city, county, state, province, country.

20. Become a better communicator.

21. Work in comfort. Comfortable location and clothing.

22. Reduced airborne transmittable illness, common cold, influenza.

23. Possible tax advantages (talk to your accountant for advice).

24. Eat healthier and home cooked.

25. Work with friends, family or loved ones.

26. Spend more time with family, friends, loved ones.

27. Improved public safety.

28. Better employee engagement.

29. Reduced employee sick time and turnover.

30. Reduce cost of office space for employers.

31. Employer access to a bigger labor pool, not dependent on local candidates.

32. Greater personal freedom.

33.Greater customer service and coverage.

34. Possible reduced daycare cost.

35. Possible reduced outsourcing of work to lower cost countries.

36. Less business travel.

37. More efficient deployment of resources.

38. Reduced urban sprawl.

39. Reduced number of parking spaces required.

40. Reduced office interruptions.

41. Improved community relations and involvement.

42. Reduced infrastructure requirements for local, state, provincial, federal governments.

43. Provides a built-in disaster plan and continuity of operations for businesses.

44.Increases cultural adaptability.

45.Provides work to small and remote communities.

Did I miss any telecommuting benefits? Please leave additional ones in the comments section.

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