Work Remotely for Fewer Hours and Make More Money – Six Role Models to Follow

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally” -David Frost

work remotely

work remotely

If someone else has successfully done something you want to do, you can do it too, but you have to want it badly enough.

Want to work remotely? Want to work fewer hours? Want to make more money? How about doing all three at the same time?

One of the quickest paths to success is imitation, also known as modelling.

Find someone who has succeeded before you and study what actions they took to succeed, then model them yourself.

Who you model depends on what you want to achieve. It may be different for everyone. My goals are to work remotely for fewer hours while making more money, these are presumably goals shared by many people around the world.

There are hundreds of well documented success stories of normal everyday people creating extraordinary success. There is no reason why you shouldn’t join them.

Here are six stories that I am following that successfully work remotely for fewer hours and make more money.  Go to their websites, read their stories, and follow their lead.

1. Tim Ferriss – Four Hour Work Week

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last four years you are probably familiar with Tim and his story.  Tim is “THE” expert on lifestyle design and experimental living, and he has taught thousands through his books and websites. Anyone who wants to work remotely should start with Tim’s material.

2. Leo Babauta – Zen Habits

With almost a quarter of a million subscribers, Leo is a thought leader on living simply and consciously. Leo teaches by doing, having completely redefined his life and habits in a few short years. Zen Habits will help you strip away the unimportant things from your life so you can work remotely sooner.

3. J.D. Roth – Get Rich Slowly

J.D. reaches millions every year through Get Rich Slowly.  He turned his financial life around and teachers readers how they can get their financial life in order.  This is essential to attain true work freedom.

4. James Clear – Passive Panda

James Clear is practically an overnight success, launching Passive Panda as an expert source for making more income, while working remotely.  Within a year James achieved a fully remote independent lifestyle via Passive Panda.

5. Chris Guillebeau – The Art of Non-Conformity

Chis Guillebeau rose from a difficult childhood and brushes with the law determined to work or himself, when and where he wants, with a stated goal of traveling the world. Note: as of this writing Chris has visited 177 out of 193 countries in the world. Chris has been working for himself most of his adult life.

6. Brendon Burchard – Experts Academy

Brendon was given a second chance in life after surviving a terrible car crash overseas.  After realizing he wanted to leave his mark on the world, Brendon created Experts Academy. He has taught thousands of people how to select and carve out an expertise in a profitable niche.

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