Work From Home Now – 9 Super Effective Telephone Interview Tips for Remote Workers

work from home nowWant to work from home now? The first impression you make is a lasting impression so make it positive.

Telephone interviews for remote workers succeed based on different factors than live interviews. According to the Association for Psychological Science,


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“You’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” We’ve all heard that an interviewer, or a stranger at a party, will form an impression of you, your character, your personality — an impression that is nearly indelible — all within the first 60 seconds of meeting you.”

You only have 60 seconds.

Like it or not, first impressions are made in the first 60 seconds of interaction you have with someone new.  It’s critical to make this time count. A positive first impression can help overcome other shortcomings like being the lessor educated or experienced candidate. This is the most important remote worker telephone interview tip.

As a remote worker chances are high that your interview will be over a telephone.  This makes it critical for you to master the telephone interview to work from home now.

12 Telephone Interview Tips to make your first impression count.

Follow these 12 telephone interview tips to lock in that positive first impression.

1. Smile.

Working remotely or interviewing remotely, even though your interviewer can’t see your big toothy grin, it will shine through in your voice and attitude. Try this experiment, have a friend spend one minute talking to you over the phone with a frown, then another minute with a smile. Can you hear the difference?

2. Speak slowly and clearly.

You can always tell when someone is nervous or excited by the rapid, excited tone and flow of their voice. Exhibit confidence by speaking slowly and clearly.

3. Stand up when you speak.

Don’t sit or lay down during a telephone interview.  Stand up straight and speak directly into the telephone. This makes your voice sound stronger.

4. Keep your mouth clear.

During a telephone interview don’t smoke, chew gum, or drink.  Keep a glass of water close by in case you get a dry mouth.

5. Pause before responding.

Ever had someone keep cutting you off or interrupting you? It’s very annoying isn’t it? Your interviewer feels the same way.  Pause several seconds before responding to make sure the interviewer has finished speaking.

6. Rephrase  and repeat questions.

Rephrasing and repeating questions will show the interviewer you are listening, confirm you understand the question, and leave a positive impression.

7. Test your equipment in advance.

Unplanned surprises can and do happen, remember Janet Jackson and her wardrobe malfunction? Avoid your telephone interview malfunction by testing your equipment in advance. Better to be prepared to work from home now.

8. Prepare a cheat sheet and have it handy.

One huge advantage of a telephone interview is your ability to have reference resources handy.  Print out any relevant information, questions, answers or facts that can help you with the interview.  You will have an added advantage when doing this preparation – most people are too lazy to do it. You will be much better prepared than other candidates.

9. Practice in advance.

The old adage is true, practice makes perfect.  Practice your telephone interview with a friend over the phone and ask them to be brutally honest in pointing out anything that may help.

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