9 Remote Worker Interview Tips to Learn Now

“I don’t know if it was much of an interview. We just shot the breeze” -Richard Petty”

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You only have seconds to make a first impression, and good or bad, first impressions often become lasting impressions.

Interviews are easy if you are prepared. This may defy conventional wisdom, but let me share an important secret with you. Successful interviews are not defined by the questions and answers, you resume, your references, or your alma matter. Its all in your first impression defined as how you present yourself to and connect with the interviewer.

As a remote worker you have the distinct advantage of remoteness. Your first impression will be shaped differently than a face to face interview. Your interviewer will not be able to judge your looks, your body language, or the firmness of your handshake. Your interview will be defined by vocal cues, tone, and conversational skill.

Here are 14 remote worker interview tips.

Prior to the interview:

1. Always be prepared.  You never know you are going to get a call for an interviewer. familiarize yourself with your resume in advance, know it inside out and keep a copy handy. Speak with references in advance and keep a copy of their contact information close by.

2. Question yourself as the interviewer. Review your resume and other relevant information about your work and education, then put yourself in the interviewers shoes. Write down and ask your self several questions as if you were interviewing yourself for the position, then write down the answers.

3. Practice in advance. Sit down with a friend or family member and hold a practice interview. Practice really does make perfect. It also increased confidence and reduces nervousness, which could potentially come through in your voice.

4. Select your location in advance. Have a quiet, comfortable location selected in advance. Leave paper and a pen ready at hand. Make sure you have a clear phone and line available.

During the interview:

5. Smile and speak clearly and directly into the telephone.  The smile will shine through in your voice.

6. Do not chew gum, eat, or smoke during the interview. Any of these will affect your voice and professionalism. Do keep a glass of water near to lubricate your vocal cords.

7. Ask the interviewer to clarify a question if you are stuck or go blank.  This will give you time to recover and prepare an answer. Do not panic.

8. Listening is the greatest communication skill. It is also the least used skill. If you are nervous, the tendency is to talk to much. Give concise and clear answers, do not repeat yourself. Purposely listen and do not cutoff the interviewer. Encourage the interviewer to speak about themselves.

After the interview:

9. Wait 24 hours, then follow-up with a thank you email. This will place you front and center in the interviewers mind again.

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