3 Easy Questions to Overcome Management Resistance – Managing Remote Workers

Want to work remotely? Put yourself in their shoes.

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Today you are going to learn how to overcome management resistence to working remotely. If your manager is not already open to the idea, you are going to lead them to the proper conclusion using three questions that open up a manager to managing remote workers. These questions will disarm, detach, then deliver results for you.

Sometimes you have to put yourself in somebody elses shoes to understand how open they are to an idea, what makes their mind tick, and the resistance or barriers they are harboring to change. This is one of those times.

You need to look at the situation through their eyes to be able to wisely respond to their concerns and effectively address their perspective. Then you need to address them in a low risk solution where your manager still has an out.

Persuading your manager in three steps.

1. Disarm. What is your policy on remote work?

This question is intended to dissarm your manager by asking a direct question that requires a qualified answer. Make ssure you are alone so you do not put them on the spot.

Then observe their body language, tone, and vocal queues as they respond. Are there signs of resistance or discomfort? Or was it an upbeat response. If upbeat and positive, go ahead and put forward the idea of you working remotely. Great job, mission accomplished.

If resistance is detected, go on to the next question.

2. Detach. Why do you feel that way?

Now its time to detach them from their current beliefs regarding remote work. Expect to get a long response with a laundry list of common concerns managers have about remote work or some horror story they personally had to endure with an employee related to working remotely.

The key to success is in the last question. Now you need to close the deal with the closing question.

3. Deliver. How can I address your concerns and begin a trial period of remote work?

This approach should move your manager into a solution oriented mindset. Now you need to seal the deal. Ask for a very small concession that will be difficult to refuse like a one time trial day. Speak to each of your managers concerns and specifically address each one.

The majority of the time this three question approach will work. If you still encounter resistence, drop the subject for now and address it in the next encounter you have.

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