Top 5 Internet Resources for Remote Workers or Anyone

This list is gold for Remote Workers, or anyone for that matter.

From hundreds of great sites I have narrowed down my top five list of the best resources for remote workers. Some of these sites are focused on the work at home crowd, while others have great overlap in subject matter. Enjoy!

1. Four Hour Work Week

Focused on lifestyle design and optimization.  Several cases studies and articles that are relevant to all Remote Workers who want to increase their effectiveness and quality of life.

2. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Full of valuable tips and cases studies that will help freelancers and contractors in particular.

3. GigaOM – Collaboration

Also known as Web Worker Daily. The collaboration section has a focus on the remote worker.

4. Life hacker

Time saving tips abound.

5. Work at Home Moms

Also useful for work at home dads.

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