7 Real Steps to Become Your Own Boss – Why Working Remotely is Not Enough

You did it, mission accomplished, goal achieved, you work from home (or your favorite coffee shop) full-time now, your employer got with the program and the location freedom express has set sail. Congratulations remote worker. Now what?

What if the remote work option is taken off the table for you because of a company policy change?

What if your new supervisor wants to see you warming up that office chair in a gray walled cubicle in some cookie cutter office building?

What if you are laid off or fired? Working remotely does not make you immune to economic trends and the ebb and flow of economic change.

How much control do you really have over your location?

Unfortunately, potentially very little if you are an employee.  Even if you have all the flexibility in the world (right now), it can all change in a moment, with the rug pulled out from underneath you.

So what is the answer? You need to control your destiny, and the best way to control your destiny is to start your own business and be your own boss.  Even being your own boss is still not enough for a remote worker, you have to create a business that is independent of yourself. Let’s start with baby steps and get you on the right track again.

Seven Steps to Become Your Own Boss

1. Gather inspiration.

The best way to achieve something is to follow in the footsteps of someone who has successfully accomplished what you want to do.  Read inspiring stories about others who have created a location independent, thriving businesses.  Start writing down ideas that both interest you, and for which you have or can learn the skills required to execute the ideas successfully.

2. Decide.

Choose your business and business model.  Hint, you need to pick an idea that can facilitates a) cloning yourself (you can teach others how to deliver the product or service), b) is scalable, c) is location independent, and d) has a group of people willing to pay for the service or product you will be providing (yes, you do need customers).

3. Find others to model.

Find a success template you can follow.  For almost anything you want to do, someone else has done it before you.  Go stand on the shoulder of giants, do not start from scratch, follow someone else and do not make the same rookie mistakes. You can reach out to other remote workers, friends, mastermind groups, and the like.

4. Test the idea.

When Henry Ford was developing his first car, did he start by building  a mass production facility, then cranking out cars? Of course not, he kept testing until he had a workable car, with a viable market and demand, then he ramped up production.  Why would you do things differently that the father of mass production? Market and position your product or service first to validate demand prior to sinking a lot of money into it.

5. Start with your minimum viable product (MVP).

MVP is the concept of creating the most minimum product or service possible to start with.  The key is to get started as quickly as possible. 6. Pivot and keep testing.  Once your MVP is out on the market, make changes and do constant testing, then adapt and continue testing based on what is successful.

7. Do not give up.

Persistance will pay off. Expect a lot of hard work. A few additional Resources to help you with your startup journey.







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