Want to Work Remotely? Start Taking Action Today.

“Well done is better than well said.”  -Benjamin Franklin

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It’s easy to look at others who have a great job, make great money and work partly or fully remotely and envy them from the sidelines. It’s human nature.  We sit back and think how nice it must be to have that kind of luck.

The truth is it usually isn’t luck at all, or at least “luck” that followed years of preparation and good decisions.  If you really want to position yourself for a great remote work arrangement, you need to begin making your own luck, starting today.  It all starts with action. Only Action Moves Us Forward.

Educate Yourself.

The first step to getting the ideal remote work job is to know where these jobs are. What are the types of jobs, industries, educational requirements, skills required and so on required to qualify?  If you don’t know then you need to educate yourself. (Hint: you can subscribe to this BLOG for starters, since my mission is to educate you) Once you understand the possibilities you can start too…

Prepare Yourself.

OK, now that you have a clear understanding of the requirements, time to prepare yourself. Is your current job adaptable to remote work or do you need to change employers, or even careers?  Do you need more education, certifications or other qualifications? Maybe the best option is to take your current skills and freelance or start your own business. You need to make a plan, then it’s time to…


Studying and reading about it is important, but action gets results.  Time to take the actions necessary to get or make that dream job.


Over the coming weeks I am going to discuss each topic in more detail to get you started with the educate, prepare, hustle model.  Keep an eye out for upcoming posts.

I welcome your feedback and would love to hear you comments and personal experience with this top.  Find this helpful? Please subscribe to RemoteWorker Daily and forward this post to three friends.

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