The Importance of Trust

“Trust is the highest form of human motivation.” – Stephan Covey


All relationships are built on a foundation of trust, personal and professional.  Authorizing an employee to work remotely takes an even higher level of trust than most professional interactions. When a Supervisor gives the go ahead for a remote work arrangement, they are also putting their own credibility and trustworthiness on the line.

If you are not trusted to provide high output, good quality and value in the confines of an office, remote work is out of the question.

Prior to requesting a remote work arrangement, there are steps you can take to increase and validate your credibility and trustworthiness;

  • Keep your commitments, and meet or exceed any deadlines.
  • Exceed expectations, treat every task like it is the most important task you will ever have.
  • Go the extra mile, don’t do the minimum required, always look for creative ways to add value.
  • Remember relationships, create and nurture healthy relationships with your Supervisor, Peers, and Customers.
  • Validate your trustworthiness by confiding to a trusted Supervisor or peer.

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