Only Results Matter – the Power of Focus

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” – Winston Churchill

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Regardless of where and when you work, at the end of the day you will ultimately be measured by your results.  As a remote worker, you have several natural advantages to increased productivity versus your office bound friends and colleagues; you have some flexibility to work during your peak hours, you should have fewer distractions, and you avoid time consuming commutes and their associated stress. But the greatest advantage is your ability to maintain focus.

At a minimum you should witness at least a 25 – 50% productivity jump working remote versus working in a fixed office.  The key question is…

  • Are you getting and maintaining your focus?

If you are feeling unfocused or scattered on a regular basis, your productivity may drop compared to working in an office, to get and remain focused, practice the following;

  • Get a good night sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat well and keep hydrated
  • Take many short breaks throughout the day
  • Plan each day in advance and create a list of prioritized tasks
  • Turn off any distractions, for example, the television
  • Only check non-work email and social media at fixed times and intervals, for example once in the morning and once in the afternoon

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