Start Remote Work by Asking for One Day per Week – A Simple Foolproof Approach

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo da Vinci

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If you are getting ready to venture into the world of remote work and have an employer who is new to the concept or resistant to the idea altogether, this post is for you. Employers have many stated and unstated reasons why they are resistant to remote work arrangements. 

They can all be boiled down to one of the following;

  • Fear
  • Ignorance
  • Loss of Control
  • Risk Avoidance

When approaching your employer for permission to work remotely, you must tacitly address each of the concern areas above to guarantee success.

You may desire to move to Thailand and work off the beach, spend endless sunny days with your laptop in hand poolside, or simply work in perpetuity in your pajamas.  The reality is, most employers won’t go from zero to sixty like a Ferrari, meaning you need to start slowly and build up from there.

My recommendation, start with one day a week and let your remote work ethic shine.

The simple way to get rapid approval for working remotely one day per week is as follows;

  • Don’t start with a Friday or Monday, which may be viewed as a ploy to extend your weekend only
  • Offer to make it conditional for a short trial period, with an option to withdraw the arrangement if it doesn’t work out
  • Communicate your schedule and be 100% available via email and telephone during the trial period
  • Over-deliver.  Be at least 25% more productive and effective than a day in the office

Once you prove yourself you can shoot for the moon and keep adding days.  However you first have to get out of the starting gate.

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