Remote Work on Vacation – Mixing Business and Pleasure

“A good vacation is over when you begin to yearn for your work.”  -Morris Fishbein

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With working remotely giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere with a laptop, internet connection and telephone, many of you will opt to work while on vacation.  Although I don’t recommend working your full slate of hours during vacation, it is advantageous to work at least part time given the opportunity.

Sometimes you may want / need to completely disconnect, or remote work will be impossible due to the nature of your vacation. Generally, working remotely during vacation at a minimum has the following advantages;

  • Lower stress when you return from vacation as you keep up with your work and prevent urgent tasks from piling up, potentially allowing you to vacation longer than you would otherwise have planned
  • Keep the money rolling in / or at least burn through less vacation hours
  • An excuse for a potentially much needed break from 24/7 contact with family or friends during vacation
  • Further advance the value of your working remotely by not becoming a logjam to your employers or customers operations

If you do plan to work remotely during vacation, make sure to consider the following in advance;

  • Arrange accommodations with or near quality high speed internet access
  • Arrange for affordable calling, generally not a problem within your home country, and Vonage or Skype have low cost international options
  • Don’t forget your laptop and charger

While working remote on vacation;

  • Treat your work time as seriously on vacation as you would in your regular remote office
  • Find a quiet / distraction free location to work from
  • Set / determine you work hours in advance
  • Communicate your availability to your colleagues, if applicable

And most importantly, have fun!

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