Add More Value Every Day – Three Methods

“There are two levers to set a man in motion, fear and self-interest” – Napoleon Bonaparte

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Adding value is ‘the goal’. As a remote worker you have a responsibility to add more value, it comes with the territory; it’s an added responsibility that comes along with the added flexibility and freedom.  Whether you are motivated by fear or self-interest, adding value should be a top priority for you, and frankly you should be motivated by both.

Why add more value? Because you are uniquely positioned to add more value by focusing every day on becoming more effective and efficient.  By adding more value with each hour worked you can further secure your job and customers, make more money, work less, or all three.

You are in a unique position to experiment with methods to increase your effectiveness and efficiency. 

Here are three simple methods that will drastically improve your value added by increasing effectiveness and efficiency;

  1. Focus on the right thing, meaning organizing your work into priorities and tasks that provide the most value, and consciously working in order of highest value to lowest, while regularly reprioritizing as new work comes in.
  2. Become more effective by rejecting or outsourcing work or tasks where you add little value to leverage your time.
  3. Become more efficient by working during your most efficient hours, rather than simply working more hours.

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