Remote Worker Advantage – Recovery from Home

Remote Worker Advantage – Recovery from Home

Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are. -Julius Charles Hare

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Three months ago today I injured myself at the gym while on vacation, displacing a disk in my lower back.  The disk has been pressing on the sciatic nerve causing constant moderate to extreme pain. Over the past three months I have endured x-rays, MRI’s, chiropractic care, multiple doctors, two epidural cortisone shots, anti-inflammatory pills, muscle relaxants, and a variety of pain pills. 

This coming week my doctor will be performing micro-surgery to fix the issue once and for all.  During the remaining recovery I will not be able to leave my home for one or two weeks.  Throughout this experience the one and only comfortable position has been laying on the living room floor (from where I write this post).

A curse? A tragic circumstance? Not at all, rather a blessing because I have become better as I have drawn on my faith and inner strength.  One of the blessings that have stood out above others is my ability to work remotely.  Throughout this process I have worked diligently from my floor, and used work as a focal point to distract myself from the pain and inconvenience of my present dilemma.

I believe the ability to continue working while recovering has provided several advantages over bed rest or endless television;

  • The accomplishment of a significant amount of productive work
  • Positive attitude and high spirits
  • Continuing sense of purpose and mission
  • A maintained a sense of purpose
  • Ongoing connection to co-workers and colleagues
  • Pride in myself for overcoming my circumstances

Something to consider if you ever find yourself in this situation.

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