A Challenge for the Twenty First Century – What Would An America With 40% Fewer Office Commuters Look Like?

Everyone has to learn to think differently, bigger, to open to possibilities. – Oprah Winfrey

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According to a recent INC Magazine article, if all 40% of American workers who work in jobs that can be done remotely began working from home, the estimated yearly impact to American business would be;

  • $200 billion
    productivity gains by American companies
  • $190 billion
    savings from reduced real estate expenses, electricity bills, absenteeism, and employee turnover
  • 100 hours
    per person not spent commuting
  • 50 million tons
    of greenhouse gas emissions cut
  • 276 million barrels
    of oil saved, or roughly 32 percent of oil imports from the Middle East
  • 1,500 lives
    not lost in car accidents
  • $700 billion
    total estimated savings to American businesses

This doesn’t account for other tangible and intangible benefits to workers and their families (more free time, savings on commuting and work expenses, less stress, increased happiness and job satisfaction), society (increased volunteerism, reduced pollution and traffic congestion), or governments (less road construction and maintenance, decreased expense for public transit).

We need a national goal and strategy to enable and encourage every employee who is ready, willing and able to work remotely to the maximum extent possible.  How can we do this? For starters, I think we need the equivalent of an ‘Apollo Program’ level effort to galvanize the country in setting and reaching this goal.  Then employers and employees can be encouraged through incentives and disincentives.

What can you do today? Write your local, state and federal representatives.

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